Scene of the Week – 11-15 May 2015

sceneof theweek
The climax of the Nick storyline brought many highlights as it drew to a close this week but when it came to choosing our favourite scene, it simply had to be his final scene as he lashed out at his family. While it’s been one of the plot’s few criticisms that we’ve not seen enough of Nick’s relationship with his family (and that was true), what little we did see showed the clan’s hero worship of successful Nick. Intelligent, driven and thriving in his career, he was an inspiration for Josh and in particular, Imogen. Similarly Terese made no secret of her love for her brother, defending him and worrying for him even when he was doing in indefensible. So with that in mind, it was all the more powerful when Nick cruelly tore his family apart for their seeming betrayal of him. Rejecting Terese’s offer of help, he hit each and every family member where it hurt them most in a vindictive rage. It was a fitting and memorable final scene for such a nasty character and we’re sorry to have lost him so soon.


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