Scene of the Week – 4-8 May 2015

sceneof theweek
It was Karl vs. Nick in this week’s Scene of the Week, as Paul collapsed and Karl rushed to his aid. In a great, tense cliffhanger, it was fantastic to see all the key players in the story united in one scene. With Paul unconscious, it was left to Karl and Georgia (who obviously relished a chance to remind us, and Nick, that she is a nurse) to save the day. When control-freak Nick arrived to see what was going on, he desperately tried to take over. However, Karl, super doc, shut him down and refused to relinquish Paul’s care to suspicious Nick. It was a brilliant moment as we saw Nick doing his best to remain inconspicuous whilst being incredibly worried that his secret could be blown. It was awkward, uncomfortable and exciting – and yet another memorable moment in this story.


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