Scene of the Week – 27 April-1 May 2015

sceneof theweek
When it comes to selecting our favourite scene of the week, we normally go for something really dramatic or at other times, really funny – in general, scenes with a lot of interaction and great dialogue. This week however, there was one clear moment that blew us away. It needed no words, and it was the scene where Paul began to lose his hair and broke down. The fake cancer plot has been a fantastic opportunity for Stefan Dennis to stretch his talents and he easily turned what could’ve been a smaller scene in lesser hands into something great. The horror and mix of emotions were written all over Paul’s face. To see his character, whom we are used to see being in control and powerful, instead being so fragile and emotional, was a fantastic moment. The fact that he’s at the mercy of twisted Nick and not truly ill did nothing to lessen its impact.


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