Hits and Misses – 20-24 April 2015



Lycra Laughs

Ner27_0002_Layer-1eighbours never ever disappoints when it comes to comedy capers and this latest turn of events looks to be no exception. Feeling like he might have been a bit tubbier than he liked, Karl decided he’d start a biking club for the men of Ramsay Street. Cue jokes about sore bums and Susan berating their efforts and choice in Lycra and we had us a perfect Neighbours comedy plot. We can’t help but feel a little bad for Lou as the other guys felt he was slowing them down but we had to laugh like Susan that their cycle route depended solely on where they could get a decent cake and coffee. Now that’s our kind of bike club. Please give us plenty more of these fab ‘club’ plots – we’d be up for the proposed girls’ club too!

Rebecchi Return

er27_0000_Layer-3With a cast as small as Neighbours, it’s fair to say cast absences tend to be very noticeable and even moreso when the character in question is one half of one of the show’s most popular couples. And this has certainly been the case for Sonya, who was off in America caring for Callum to cover Eve Morey’s maternity leave. So this week we were delighted to see Sonya return, along with nice new hair-do and settle in as if she’s never been away. We loved how the show didn’t make a huge song and dance about her return, merely adding her into a scene where Danni sought Toadie’s legal counsel. The natural, everyday return is something really befitting Toadie and Sonya’s ‘normal’ relationship and we’re glad the show didn’t engineer an OTT exit and return story to facilitate Eve’s absence like so many soaps before. Even better, it’s been great that Sonya’s time away has been very brief and we can’t wait for more fantastic Rebecchi family scenes to come.

Masterful Michelle

er27_0001_Layer-2As we bemoaned the return of Dimato, truly the character that just won’t quit, we were pleasantly surprised to see that he’s heading off to lay low! And who are we getting instead to continue the plot? The wonderful Michelle. Yes, despite her brief appearances so far, she’s quickly caught our eyes as one to watch. Managing to be more sinister than Dimato himself (faint praise we know) she’s injecting a bit of personality and charisma into this plot – something that was sorely needed. Ra Chapman plays the character with ease and it’s great to have a scheming female character who doesn’t have Naomi’s vulnerabilities and wouldn’t think twice about manipulating poor Tyler for her own purposes. Though the story is far from our favourite at the minute, we have high hopes for devious Michelle.


Sisterly Strife

er28_0001_Layer-1Now we’re big fans of Paige on this blog – she arrived last year as a real breath of fresh air and we quickly took her to our hearts. Fiery, funny and of course, hiding a massive secret, she quickly became a fan favourite, so just what has gone wrong recently? That fiery nature we loved has become aggressive and argumentative. Poor Imogen and Josh have bared the brunt of Paige’s wrath in recent weeks and we’re sick of this change in character for one of our faves. Plus Friday’s reveal that Amber is pregnant means there’s a possibility that Josh is the babydaddy and we’re certain Josh will feel his sister come down on him like a tonne of bricks. We hope, much like Imogen’s turn for the worse last year, the writers recapture what it was about Paige that made us love her and move away from the current direction.

Cheese and Dimato

er28_0000_Layer-2Really? Really? Dimato again? The main problem with Dimato is that he’s just not scary, he’s a cheese-tastic lite villain and frankly he’s boring. On the bright side, as we said above, we’re fond of Michelle and although she’s just as tiny as Dimato we actually find her a lot more threatening. Gangster plots aren’t great in any soap, least of all the warm and fun Neighbours so most of the time Dimato is talking about his dodgy operations we’re zoning out. And not only do we hate Dimato but it drags Tyler down – who we really enjoy – and means more boring Brennan police plots.


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