Scene of the Week – 6-10 April 2015

sceneof theweek
There was only one option for our favourite scene this week and of course it was the shocking moment where Matt Turner was knocked down by Danni Ferguson. Now we’ve been very open about our thoughts on Matt’s character in the past but recent weeks have finally seen the character come to life, ironically just before he died. The hit and run was a fantastic exit for Matt. His rivalry with Brad has been one of the character’s most memorable plots and it seemed fitting that Matt’s final conscious moments were spent arguing with Brad about Lauren – with Brad once again caring a little too much. Even better was the fact that the production really made an effort into making the accident look real and a far cry from far too many dodgy looking moments of a similar ilk. Ringo, we’re looking at you. While Matt may not be the show’s most memorable character, he certainly got a memorable exit.


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