Scene of the Week – 30 March-3 April 2015

sceneof theweek

It’s common knowledge we’re not the greatest fans of the Imogen/Daniel/Amber/Josh love square plot but that doesn’t mean a great scene such as the one this week can’t lift it and we really enjoyed the confrontation between Amber and Imogen. It’s had months of build up but one of the most powerful moments of the scene was Imogen’s quiet and vulnerable “Yes” when Amber asked if she was in love with Daniel. We often criticise Amber to be a bit passive so it was good to see her express her anger at this betrayal by her best friend, even if we are firmly Team Imogen. It was hard not to feel for both girls but Imogen’s painful and helpless crush has been portrayed so well by Ariel Kaplan our hearts really did break for her as she made that impossible confession.


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