Hits and Misses – 30 March-3 April 2015



Rocky Marriage

er24_0001_Layer-4   It was another bad week for Lauren and Matt in terms of their marriage crisis but a good one for us viewers as their fiery arguments continued. It may have taken some time but it’s great to see some real drama and anger in a marriage that’s faced a lot of trauma on Ramsay Street so far and come out unscathed. However, as things appear to be looking up, Matt’s secret hook up is waiting to be revealed. Yes, this week resident good guy Matt succumbed to the charms of Sharon Canning much to Terese, and the viewers’ shock. It was a brilliant twist that we’d been hoping for since their flirtation at the wedding. We’re not one to often push for infidelity in Neighbours marriages but in this case, it’s felt natural and a long time coming. We can’t wait for the truth to come out!

Familiar Faces

er24_0004_Layer-1The anniversary week continued with yet more returns including some faces we never thought we’d see again! Let’s start with Nina, who probably had the biggest impact out of all the recent returnees. Watching Delta onscreen has been a joy and it has been wonderful seeing the character reconnect with her old neighbours. The reprise of ‘Born to Try’ gave us goosebumps and the performance of ‘Only Human’ was a great bookend for all the anniversary events. We even found time for a mini story about her relationship troubles with Jack – and we’re very glad they reunited. Also this week we saw the long awaited return of Des, original character and all-round Neighbours icon. Although he was before our time, it’s always brilliant to see the show’s history be revisited in any form and to see an original character back and serve as a true friend for Paul was an unexpected highlight for us. Another highlight was the web chat cameo from Sky! With Stephanie McIntosh pregnant in LA we knew Sky wouldn’t rock up in Ramsay Street but it didn’t even matter. We were grinning as we heard all about Scotty Jr. and tying Harold’s exit to Sky, with him finding a proper place to call home with his granddaughter was the perfect ending. And all this is without even mentioning Tom and Guy! Can you tell we like returnees?

Doctor Death

er24_0000_Layer-5Just as we thought we couldn’t enjoy Dr Nick’s meddling in Ramsay Street any more, the show drops this killer plot twist into the mix! Friday’s episode saw a frustrated and devious Nick change Paul’s blood test results and deliver the news personally that Paul has cancer and could die! It was a really dark and twisted move from Nick, who is hell bent on getting the funding for the research centre but we couldn’t help but love how wicked it was! Really nasty villains don’t crop up in Neighbours too often but when they do and they’re as love-to-hate as Nick then we feel really spoiled. We can’t wait to see how far Nick’s lies go and how this will change Paul’s life – and how on earth will Nick get away with this? So exciting!


Hi and Bye

er24_0002_Layer-3Now as you can tell from above, we’re fond of a returnee and while we understand Neighbours’ budgetary constraints and are aware that that’s most likely the reason these returns are so brief, some are ending up even shorter than expected. Whilst Nina provided the ideal template of how to do a short guest return, we also liked how Des and Sky’s fitted well with the plot as well as providing a glimpse of how those characters lived have turned out away from Ramsay Street. Tom and Guy? Not so much. It was brilliant to see them – especially Guy – but both got a scene each before disappearing. Would Guy really not hang around a few hours to support his sister and niece after the wedding fiasco? We hope no one views this as us being ungrateful as its a case of the more returnees the better as far as we’re concerned but in future, we’d like to avoid some ‘one scene wonders’!

Sending our Love Down the Well

er24_0003_Layer-2In the least anticipated wedding of the century it was obvious things weren’t going to run smoothly but I don’t think anyone saw “being trapped in a well” as a reason for Daniel’s no-show (unless you’re a fan of spoilers, of course!). While the well set is good and the actors did a convincing job of portraying the horror of being trapped the whole situation was bizarre and honestly pretty ridiculous. Daniel isn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but you’re hard pushed to believe even he would go down a well to retrieve a ring that was dropped down there a hundred years ago – even less believable that Imogen would follow, love or no love. Imogen’s one of our favourites so she can just about save this plot, but if things get really desperate we wouldn’t mind if she had to sacrifice Daniel for the greater good.


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