Hits and Misses – 23-27 March 2015



Bake Off

er23_0003_Layer-2The inaugural Erinsborough Festival bake-off provided some great scenes this week. Not only did it see the return of the wonderful Nell Feeney as Janelle Timmins and a guest appearance from what we gather to be Australian equivalent of Greg Wallace but it was also a chance to get some classic Neighbours comedy. Karl, complete with cravat, made us smile as he was crowned the winner but it was the trio of women: Susan, Janelle and Sheila that were the real highlights. As friendships turned bitter, the womens’ attempts at oneupmanship and casually criticising each other’s efforts had us laughing. This was made even better when their anger led to inevitable cake carnage all over the floor. It was the type of comedy only Neighbours can do and continues the show’s great current run of combining drama and comedy so flawlessly.

Janelle Timmins Returns!

er23_0001_Layer-4We can’t begin to tell you how much we enjoyed seeing our old favourite Janelle Timmins return (albeit too briefly) to Erinsborough this week after her trip to see Angie and Big Kev. As with the other returns, Janelle brought with her a whole flood of nostalgia as we were reminded of the fabulous times with the Timmins family. Nods to the past (Janelle calling Susan “Susie Q” and references to the saucy Bogan’s Tipped Hair novel for starters) always go down well with us. We loved her accidentally insulting Sheila – fantastic! – and winding up Karl with a little flirting. We were happy to learn too that she’s still with Steiger and just so pleased to see her back.

Thumbs Up for Tyler

er23_0002_Layer-3He hasn’t been in the show long but we’ve already really warmed to Tyler Brennan and his “Rachel” haircut/ponytail! We already enjoy his budding friendship with Nate and the sparks he has with both Imogen and Paige. The Dimato stuff is a bit of a dull plot but Tyler’s slightly shady involvements gives the character a different edge as he tries to grow closer to his cop brother, Mark. We’re not sure who we’d like to see Tyler hook up with but we couldn’t deny enjoying him turn on the charm with Paige during the bake off even if their “pash and dash” did end in an awkward way – they’ve definitely got chemistry.



er23_0004_Layer-1Another week, another investigation for Erinsborough’s answer to Columbo, Mark Brennan. It was bad enough when he was just a civilian contriving things to investigate or reasons to contact his old mates on the force. Our fears that his return to the police force was a way of legitimising and giving us more reason to have these kind of plots have proven to be true. This week Brennan set his sights on Matt’s dodgy deals with resident villain and burger aficionado, Dimato. It wasn’t long before Brennan had rumbled Matt and was issuing warnings left, right and centre. It was nice to see him sympathetic of Matt’s situation and not dobbing him in but regardless it’s too much of the same in terms of Brennan’s plots when his romance with Naomi is far more interesting and beneficial for the character.


er23_0000_Layer-5This week we were glad to receive the news that Amber was off to photograph turtles meaning the build to the wedding should be free of the sickly sweet, twee scenes the pair shared this week. Putting aside all our already existing opinions on Amber and Daniel, as individuals and a couple, how can anyone possibly enjoy their scenes? Their mini-‘wedding’ scene was cheesy and forced – worse still, it’s just not believable. Whether it’s intentional or not, the pair act like two 12 year olds. When even Madge, the ghostly figment of a sad, bereaved man’s imagination is against you, it’s maybe time to reconsider your life choices. Especially when the better choice – sweet, noble Imogen – is right in front of Daniel’s eyes.


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