Hits and Misses – 9-13 March 2015



Sheila Scene Stealer

er21_0004_Layer-1Oh Sheila you are just incredible. We always love her contribution to Ramsay Street but she was even better this week. From her competitive cake baking against Susan where they battled it out by trying bribe the boys in their fantastic quickly formed cake club, to her blatant and hysterical flirting with Harold. It was wonderful. What made the Sheila scenes even funnier was that she bought out the best in Lou and Harold – especially with Harold sensing a spark between her and Lou – and reminded us what a cracking friendship they have.

Dr Slimeball

er21_0003_Layer-2It feels like it’s been ages since we’ve had a great “love to hate” villain in the show and Dr Nick (insert your Simpsons joke here) is ticking all the right boxes. He makes our skin crawl when he’s getting all lecherous over Georgia (please don’t fall for it!) but it’s such good fun to watch. We couldn’t help but be amused by him referring to Brad as Terese’s old handbag even if we think he’s ultimately going to cause her all sorts of misery. Nick is sleazy and slimey but it just makes his scenes so enjoyable. We can’t wait to see what awful things he’ll be getting up to!

Hilary Robinson

er21_0002_Layer-3We had a real blast from the past this week as Hilary Robinson, last seen in Annalise Hartman’s documentary in 2005, made a triumphant return to the show. For years following Paul’s return in 2004, fans have been clamouring for returns of the extended Robinson clan. While nearly all of his children have been and gone, as has Gail – it’s only in the last year, with Lucy being a much welcome presence that we’ve had a real sense of Robinson family history in the show and we hope Hilary is the the next step in cementing the Robinsons. Anne Scott-Pendlebury effortlessly slipped into the shoes of the character after her absence, providing Hilary with wit, fire and a cutting tongue that made every scene a joy to watch. Not only did we love her scenes with Paul but her brief scenes with the community at large were fantastic and showed real potential for longer stints. With the revelation that Hilary is an Erinsborough local, the show would be mad not to bring her back and make Hilary a Ramsay Street staple.


Matt’s Misery

er21_0001_Layer-4Don’t get us wrong, after two years in the show it is nice to see Matt Turner get a storyline to call his own at long last – but is it just us who are a little bored by the direction it has taken? On paper, the ‘good cop goes bad’ should be a bit more exciting and exhilarating but so far it’s all a little safe and perhaps a little too vague. Not only that but the plot so far hinges around Matt turning a blind eye when the more interesting development would be to see the resident family man get his hands dirty. It’s a story that could really show us a whole other side to Matt but for now it’s falling a little bit flat. That said, as Matt continues to explode at his family and made the decision to accept Dimato’s dodgy payment by the end of the week, we can only hope things will begin to pick up as we head towards the show’s anniversary week and beyond.

Friday Fun Factor

er21_0000_Layer-5We all know the recipe to Neighbours’ success is the ‘perfect blend’ of drama and comedy but the last couple of Friday episodes have been sorely lacking on the comedy front. We really missed having an injection of laughter with Sheila or The Kennedys to give us that Friday feeling. This Friday’s episode seemed even less fun that usual as the focus shifted to Matt, Bailey collapsing and Nick’s sleazy plans to seduce Georgia. We love all the drama, don’t get us wrong, but Neighbours excels so much at comedy that we like the balance.


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