Hits and Misses – 2-6 March 2015



Harold’s Back!

er20_0000_Layer-5When you ask someone to name you a Neighbours character, there are a few immediate choices and the show is lucky to say that a few of those are still in the show today but this week saw the return of one of the most famous of all: Harold Bishop. We were overjoyed to see him this week after what felt like the longest promo campaign in the world and it’s like he never left. Ian Smith stepped right back into Harold’s shoes with ease and simply lit up every scene he appeared in. The character has such a strong history and some wonderful friendships with existing characters, so it’s great to see him catching up with old friends and we smile at every mention of Madge! We hadn’t quite realised just how much we missed him and although Harold may not be having the best time of it at the minute, we’re glad he’s back to seek help from his neighbours.

Happier Nate

er20_0003_Layer-2It’s fair to say Nate hasn’t had the most traditional introduction to the show. When characters who are introduced as immediate love interests it’s usually a bad sign for their long term viability for a character, so many were worried when Nate was dating Chris within in his first week. Similarly whilst characters usually come in with small stories and develop before they’re given the big drama, Nate arrived with a strong and dark PTSD plot. Despite all this, we’ve really taken Nate to our hearts and it’s been fantastic to see the character get some lighter material lately. He’s been the perfect straight man to the comedy of Karl and Susan, and in particular this week – Sheila and Susan. He was an unlikely but much welcome addition to the brilliant underwear thief plot and we hope this is the beginning of more comic moments for the character as Meyne has really excelled and helped bring a new life to Number 28.

Mr and Mrs Canning

er20_0004_Layer-1Reasonable, mature, sensitive – those aren’t usually the words we’d have used to describe Kyle and Georgia’s relationship but we saw new sides to them this week as Georgia was forced to reveal she wasn’t ready to start trying for another baby. We made their touching conversation our Scene of the Week but we really admired Kyle’s attitude to the whole situation considering how excited and carried away he was getting (who can forget his amazing face painting) as the pair of them worked on a pre-baby bucketlist. We only hope that any future setbacks are dealt with in a similar way and they don’t revert back to the on/off immaturity that they had when they were rocked by the Kate drama before.


Love Bubble

er20_0002_Layer-3It might have been a quiet week for Daniel and Amber but they still manage to drive everyone up the wall in their brief appearance – their families and us. This week they were trying to get everyone on side again to support their quickie wedding by bringing people into their love bubble. Yep, we’re feeling a bit queasy too. Has there ever been a more self involved Ramsay Street couple? It’s hard to think of one right now. But undeterred from any naysayers Daniel and Amber tried to hold a hippie intervention in the romantic location of Kate’s shooting. We just can’t wait until this bubble bursts!

Dodgy Dimato

er20_0001_Layer-4Every so often, among the gold the show often throws at us, Neighbours decides to give us a local dodgy villain whose sole purpose is to wind up our Ramsay Street residents and make their lives a misery. Recent weeks have introduced us to the latest in this less-than-illustrious line up – Dimato – who seems to have popped up from nowhere as the kingpin of the Erinsborough crime scene. Not a bad idea in theory but is it just us to struggles to keep up with what is actually going on? Or are we zoning out during these scenes? All we know is Matt is angry, Naomi is left to carry scene after scene and Brennan, true to form, is annoyingly obsessed with stamping out crime. To this end, he’s returning to the force – to the joy of absolutely no one. We know this is all leading to the big festival and will surely pay off but we hope the explosive climax is worth the so-so build up.


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