Hits and Misses – 16-20 Feb 2015



Sensational Sheila

er19_0004_Layer-1There’s no denying what a great joy Sheila Canning brings to Ramsay Street and our lives. Not only is she the coolest gran but the most loveable motormouth. We adore the way she winds up Lou and would clip him round the ear if only she had the chance and this week saw her on one of her outlandish ideas – Dining in the Dark. It might have been a bit of a disaster but didn’t she look amazing in those night vision goggles? We also have to mention how much we love her family scenes. We’ve totally taken the Cannings to our hearts and we’re excited by the prospect of Kyle working with her at The Waterhole now too. It’s great to see her back on her feet and stronger than ever.

Sisters Doing It For Themselves

er19_0000_Layer-5It was a great week for Paige and Imogen who finally spent some much needed time together. The only issue with Paige having such a wide family circle is that occasionally it has left her ignoring one side of the family for the other. However, after a couple of ‘Paige Turner’ heavy months, it was fantastic to see her bond with Imogen. The topless protest plot with certainly unexpected and led to some great comedy, wonderfully played by Ariel and Olympia, as well as a nice reference to Imogen’s ongoing body issues. Not only that but it was great to see Imogen come out of her shell and try her best to have fun this week. As the only member of the teen quadrangle acting with grace and maturity, we hope things really begin to look up for her.

What We Did in the 90s

er19_0003_Layer-2Long terms fans were pleasantly surprised when Sue Parker, last seen in 1987, returned to Neighbours last year, every bit the thorn in the side of our Ramsay Street regulars as she was back then. And even better, by making her a councillor, it has ensured Sue has a reason to pop in and out in recent months but it has been her most recent stint that we’ve enjoyed the most. The reveal that she and Paul shared a stolen kiss and their desperation to hide it brought the two rivals together and allowed us to see a whole new side of Sue: a little softer with a difficult domestic life. The photograph story may not have led to the exciting murder reveal some were expecting but it led to some nice scenes between Paul and Sue – and dare we say it, a potential romantic partner?


Early Departure

er19_0001_Layer-4Not so much of a miss, more of disappointment. This week saw Cat trying to get the Rebecchi’s to take her in, having told them that her foster parents were neglecting her. This was all lies of course but Cat made such a fun and welcome addition to the Rebecchi house that we couldn’t help but be really disappointed to see her leave, possibly for good. Toadie was a lot of fun around her and it’s a shame that she couldn’t stick around. With the Rebecchis shaping up to be the new Kennedys we wouldn’t be surprised to see them take on a new tearaway though.

Fools Rush In

er19_0002_Layer-3No you haven’t got deja vu – we’ve put Danber at the bottom of list again. We wish we didn’t have to, but things haven’t got any better. Having sworn off men a mere few weeks ago, this week saw Amber reunite with hopeless hippie drip Daniel – complete with talk about fate, destiny, rainbows, magic crystals, unicorns and peace (we might have zoned out and guessed). Then after a few sepia flashbacks of Rain, Amber and Daniel decided to get engaged again. Yay! Or not. Amber needed time on her own, independence and to find a life of her own and instead it’s back to square one based on coincidence. Had Karl been wandering by when the car was stolen would she have declared him her soulmate? You’ve got to wonder.


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