Scene of the Week – 16-20 Feb 2015

sceneof theweek
Now we know this is a bit of a cheat as it’s not technically a scene but I’m sure you’ll forgive us on this special occasion! As fellow soap EastEnders celebrated its 30th anniversary (something Neighbours will do next month), Neighbours decided to celebrate the milestone in style re-enacting some of EastEnders’ most famous scenes! In a special sketch uploaded to the official YouTube channel, Susan revealed her hidden love of the British soap and after slipping on some milk (a memory we’re sure you’ve repressed too), she dreamt of an Erinsborough overrun with cockneys! The newly bald Paul made a fantastic Phil Mitchell and Sheila was in her element as she donned a wig and channelled her inner Peggy Mitchell and ordered Susan to “get outta mah pub!” The highlight for us was the wonderful Morgana O’Reilly becoming Kat Slater and clashing with Lauren about who was “muvva” of Paige! Special mention also goes to that superb Den and Angie reference complete with a classic comeback from Susan: “It’s February, Karl!” We hope EastEnders returns the favour next month!


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