Scene of the Week – 9-13 Feb 2015

sceneof theweek

Sometimes for Scene of the Week it’s those big dramatic moments we pick or laugh-out-loud comedy, but other times – like this week – it’s small character moments which break our hearts. This week it’s Imogen’s crushingly realistic scene with dad Brad, where she crumbled over the heartbreak of being the girl that nobody wants, after another attempt to get Daniel to see the blindingly obvious. Brad reminds her of the things we love about Imogen – she’s beautiful and smart and guys are IDIOTS not to want her. We wholeheartedly agree and it’s insane that Imogen has no one and yet Amber has not one, but two, guys fighting over her. We know who we’d rather spend time with! We love that Imogen isn’t bogged down in insufferable love plots but at the same time we hate seeing her lonely and sad and hope one day someone sees how special she is. In the meantime we enjoyed her chat with new big-sister Paige who promised to be a bad influence on her – in a PG way!


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