Hits and Misses – 9-13 Feb 2015



Saucy Secrets

er18_0000_Layer-4This week saw a surprising and very, very welcome return of the Book of Secrets plot. It’s no surprise that we absolutely adored it, not only because Neighbours doing their cheeky and saucy comedy is TV gold, but because it included so many much-loved characters and nods to the past. We had Lou’s cover design and planning which actors would play the roles in the movie, Kyle getting involved in the accidental airing of Karl’s first draft and of course Paul’s surprise role! We loved the reference to the Paul and Sheila cling-film in the cool room incident and once again the Blue Box mention. Karl and Susan getting kinky inspiration from the novel is exactly the sort of thing we expect and it gives us a great big warm laugh. This seems like it might be a conclusion to the plot and while it was fitting end, we hope it’s not the final chapter of EM Williams.

Classic Comedy

er18_0002_Layer-2Now, if there was one unexpected star of this week’s episodes, we were certainly shocked that it was The Waterhole’s latest barman and apparent sex god, Andres. Yes, the smiling klutz amused us by being utterly terrible at his job and reiterating what seemed like his one line of English. And it was hilarious! It was classic Neighbours comedy and better yet, led to some fantastic scenes between Lou, Sheila, Paige and Bailey. The war of Lassiter’s businesses was gold and the sight of Sheila throwing herself off the wheelchair won’t soon be forgotten. More please! “Okay?”

Bringing Up Baby

er18_0003_Layer-1Lucy and Chris continue to be a real highlight of the show at present and this week was no exception. Chris is one of our faves and we’re really hoping the show ties down Melissa Bell on a regular contract because this plot has so much potential. This week it was great to see the drama ramped up as Chris and Lucy confronted their different ideas on parenting and their potential child’s future. We loved seeing Paul sticking his oar in and Nate continued to be brilliant as the mediator between Chris and Lucy, despite his own lack of interest in fatherhood. What’s more it was intriguing to see the issue of SMA raised between the prospective parents. It proved to be a real unexpected curveball in their plans and have to give kudos to the show for tackling a condition that his rarely, if ever, been explored in TV drama.

This week was so great here are the other things we loved:

  • Gen X vs Gen Y vs The Babyboomers cricket!
  • Cat and the ongoing Erin plot
  • Imogen and Paige’s sisterly chat
  • Lou getting stuck into brilliant comedy plots


Dad Dilemma

er18_0001_Layer-3Oh Matt Turner, what are we going to do with you? Let’s get one thing straight, Neighbours’ dads tend to be a bit hit and miss – and indeed have a shocking miss rate in comparison to the multitude of strong matriarchs over the last 30 years. Matt Turner is the latest in the line of bland, overprotective dad like many, many more before him. And this latest plot regarding the Turner house does little in revealing anything new and interesting about the character. Matt is consumed with his own pride, and money struggles are never the most watchable stories in any soap. It just feels a little same old, same old. Hopefully Matt’s desperation for money could take the character down new paths and provide somewhat edgier stories but until then, the jury is out.

Party Pooper

er19_0004_Layer-5In what was a great week for Neighbours, there was only one real low point to the week and unsurprisingly it was yet another plot centred on Amber Turner’s love life. We don’t need to tell you the age-old story, we’ve seen enough of it on screen, needless to say it made Josh look even more desperate and Daniel didn’t come out of it well either. We’re beyond fed up of this plot and having it all set at a pool party of extras didn’t make it any better. Naomi slightly improved things but we’re not sensing much chemistry between her and Brennan so we found the whole party flatter than a deflated palm tree. Please Neighbours, we’re begging you, stop with this Jamber or Danber stuff – it’s awful.


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