Hits and Misses – 26-30 Jan 2015



Great Grandson

er17_0002_Layer-3Another tough week for Kyle and another week where our love for him cemented. Not only did he have to deal with Sheila coming out of hospital and looking after her (which he did a great job with) but he also had to say a final goodbye to dad Gary. These scenes were fantastic and genuinely emotional and Kyle struggled with his conflicting emotions. He might have realised he was better off without Gary, but after everything he left his dad with a small glimmer of hope. We saw some lighter sides to Kyle too as he helped Sheila with her gnomes and panicked as Naomi cleared the fridge of all the bad food. We love how well rounded Kyle is a character and think Sheila is pretty lucky to have him as her doting grandson.

Team Work

er17_0000_Layer-6This week we were delighted to see former enemies, Terese and Paige, make a great leap forward in their relationship as they pulled together to help create a business plan for Brad. Now it’s fair to say that Terese and Paige have had fairly rocky ride since the truth about Paige was revealed, and it seemed like any progress was quickly undone by Terese’s insecurities in her relationship. However with the Willises reunited, it seems like the two fierce and independent women have finally made peace. We loved to see them, not only civil but genuinely friendly with each other and we really hope to see much more of it in the future.

Welcome Return

er17_0001_Layer-4We were delighted to see Lucy make one of her frequent returns at the end of this week to continue her baby plot with Chris. It’s always great to see an original character back onscreen and Melissa’s chemistry with Stefan Dennis really lights up the screen. It really takes us back to the show’s golden days and the Robinson heyday. As fun as it was to see Lucy celebrate Paul’s birthday, the biggest reason we were excited to see her was down to her baby proposal to Chris. Since then, Chris’s life has changed drastically and it was interesting to see how the presence of Nate looks set to cause ripples in what seems like a done deal. Despite the potential conflict, we really hope Lucy and Chris go ahead with it – giving Chris a link to one of the show’s biggest families and a reason for Lucy to stick around for good.


Boarding Bore

er17_0003_Layer-2It wasn’t a great week for Brad as he found himself frustrated by Terese and Paige’s grand plans for his business but, is it just us or was Brad out of line in his reaction to them? We know he viewed making surfboards as a hobby but his family were only trying to help him to make a career out of something he loves – and give up teaching, a career he doesn’t. For us, Brad’s reaction was a little too heightened and showed a lack of respect for his wife and child. We hope he pulls himself together and quickly realises that with his family’s help, he could achieve the career satisfaction he seeks and maybe channels the laid-back personality pf Brad of old.

Deserving Better

er17_0004_Layer-5Our thoughts on Danber and Jamber are well documented – even last week we talked about how much we hate Josh and Daniel fighting over Amber – the unfortunate thing is that it continued this week and got worse. Frankly we think both the Willis twins deserve better than pining over Daniel or Amber and it doesn’t make anyone look good. Daniel looks stupidly oblivious to an insane degree and came across as childish and bitter against Josh; Imogen, whilst sweet, needs to stand to Daniel before he uses her strong feelings; Amber needs to get a hobby and Josh needs to get well away from this car crash and be the Josh we loved from 2014.


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