Scene of the Week – 19-23 Jan 2015

sceneof theweek

Secrets are an interesting thing in soaps: sometimes it’s best to keep them as long as possible only to explode at just the right moment for maximum impact and other times, the reveal can take us by surprise with just how quickly the secret is blown. One such example was this week when Imogen’s illict kiss with Daniel was discovered by Amber so soon after taking place. Not only did the speedy reveal take us by genuine surprise but it was the perfect way to reinvigorate what has already become somewhat predictable scenes between the love quadrangle. It was nice to see Amber angry instead of her usual ‘upset indignation’ and we’re glad Imogen doesn’t have to suffer in silence anymore. Whilst we doubt it won’t have the desired effect of breaking up Amber and Daniel, we can only hope it’s the beginning of Daniel realising that he could have a much preferable match in Imogen.


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