Hits and Misses – 19-23 Jan 2015



Canning Fallout

er16_0004_BackgroundAnother week of powerful drama from The Canning saw poor Sheila laid up in hospital having suffered a heart attack – triggered by her discovery of Gary’s lies – and all of Gary’s secrets tumbling out. The Cannings have the perfect mix of comedy and serious emotional drama and we really believe in them as a tight knit family. Naomi’s upset and then her reveal of her brother’s true colours was the perfect moment to expose Gary’s lies. We sat back and watched as Kyle saw who his dad really was with years’ worth of disappointment and upset coming back to him after making such progress with him. Chris Milligan did a fantastic job with the emotional scenes proving how wasted he was in the Kate/Georgia triangle and our hearts broke for shattered Kyle.

New Beginnings

er16_0003_Layer-1It was a great week for Chris and Nate who are fast becoming one of our favourite couples. Despite rushed and rocking beginnings, followed by a couple of big emotional plots when the couple should have been having fun and getting to know each other, ‘Chrate’ have become a sweet and natural pairing. This week saw his closure with Josh and the return of Chris’s ongoing problems following the coward punch and it was sad but also a much appreciated dose of realism in comparison to Neighbours’ numerous miracle recoveries. Chris at Lassiters’s should provide some new opportunities for him given the declining relevance of the garage since the departure of Lucas in 2013. With Lucy’s return just ahead, it looks set to be an interesting new start for Chris.

Family Fun

er16_0000_Layer-4With a lot of heavy drama with the Cannings, it was nice to see some lighter material with the Turner siblings this week. Scenes between Paige, Amber and Bailey as a trio are quite rare and usually are far from civil, so we enjoyed Paige developing her relationships with her sublings and becoming the fun big sister. As the Turner siblings had fun with the news that they owned the house, and had even more fun at the thought of a big cash pay-out, the only downside to the story was the predictable reaction of Matt who cast a downer on proceedings. His hurt pride did little to endear him to us and we’d just wish he’d loosen up. That said, it was only a minor fault and we liked seeing what seemed a long forgotten plot point brought back into play.


Once a Cop, Always a Cop

er16_0001_Layer-3Oh Brennan – we have such a hard time with you. We love smiley, friendly, OCD Mark. We love the Mark who babysits Nell and is best mates with the Rebecchis and who flirted with Paige. But investigating, do-gooding, sticking-his-nose-in-other-people’s-business Mark – we don’t like you so much. We know for him it’s “Once a cop, always a cop” but we’re so tired of his constant snooping and getting old contacts involved all in the name of ‘helping’ others. It’s far too serious and grumpy for our liking and even when he’s doing it to help out Sonya and stop her from getting hurt by Erin we just wish he’d be a lot less uptight and ex-cop about the whole thing.


er16_0002_Layer-2It can’t be just us – this Daniel and Josh fighting it out to win the heart of fair maiden Princess Amber is less love triangle, Disney fairytale and more cavemen fighting over the prize. It’s fair to say we’re no fans of Amber (why are these two guys fighting over someone who wears as much fringing as she does and who whines for Erinsborough?!) but she’s said plainly (although hard to believe) she doesn’t want to date anyone right now. So what we have instead is revisiting the tiresome and awful Jamber plotline and adding in Daniel’s vibey intense connection type-love for her. Please spare us. We love Josh – he had a complete turn around. But we’re starting to see glimpses of old Josh, the Jamber Josh, and the thought of returning to that terrifies us. Please make it stop.


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