Hits and Misses – 12-16 Jan 2015



Festive Fun

er15_0002_Layer-2We don’t often get to see much of Christmas in Erinsborough but this year we had everything from Christmas barbies, trees, a special Paul Robinson Christmas card! We adored Naomi’s Christmas event – everything from Karl’s over enthusiasm at a group sing along, Sheila dressed as Santa, Susan as a snowman and Bossy as a reindeer. It made us happy to see such a fun community spirit and as we’re stuck in the middle of a long and dreary January it was a perfect pick me up. It was also a really lovely touch to see Paige really embedded and secure in both her families and her scenes with Lauren and then the Willises were heart warming.

The Cannings

er12__0004_Layer-6Another great week for the Cannings sees them high on our Hits list. We’re really impressed at how well they work as a family unit especially now that Gary has joined and Naomi has returned and Georgia seems to fit in well now she’s officially one of them. Although the week ended on a horrible and sad moment for poor Sheila when she discovered Gary’s dodgy involvement with Paul, there were plenty of highs too as Naomi tried to set up her events business and rope in as many residents as possible. All of them work so well together with great moments of drama and razor sharp comedy and we can’t help but feel they will be going from strength to strength soon. We can’t wait to see what will happen with the family but we’ll be sending the wonderful Sheila our good luck wishes.

Perfectly Balanced Paul

Ther15_0001_Layer-3is week was a great week for Paul after his slightly odd over-investment in Terese’s relationship with Ezra. We loved seeing the two sides of Paul’s character out in full force: the grounded, reformed real man, and the  dodgy businessman who will do his best to protect his business and seek revenge for Ezra’s behaviour with Terese. It was nice to see Paul spending his Christmas morning gifting those characters who have helped his development this year – his gratitude to Karl through his depression, and his wonderful relationship with Terese, who remains a committed friend despite all of Paul’s faults. Yet at the same time, it’s always interesting to see Paul battle adversity and unknowingly paying Gary Canning to assault Ezra in order to send him on his way felt very much in character and continues the great path Paul has taken under Jason Herbison’s watch where the character has finally found a real place in the show with depth and warmth, and with “deliciously evil” Paul long behind us.


Crime Drama

er15_0003_Layer-1Another week, another potential court case for the Willises! While it’s great to see the family back together, showing a united front after the recent marriage problems between Brad and Terese, it feels a little too soon for the characters to be involved in more police drama. It’s not been too long ago that Josh was hauled into the police station for assaulting Chris and now we have Brad suspected of battering Ezra – and Josh trying to take the blame. We hope once the dust has settled that the Willises manage to avoid the gaze of the Erinsborough police force (so, errm, Matt and occasional have-a-go-cop Brennan) and have a little break from crime dramas! Now that Brad and Terese are back on track, it would be great to see some happier times for the family.

Just Say No

er15_0000_Layer-4Now, you all know that we’re not the biggest fans of Amber Turner, or her relationship with Daniel. As much as we want them to break up and spare us more of their drama, we were horrified when Josh admitted that he still loved Amber this week. Setting aside the question of how dreary Amber manages to be so attractive, we’re now fearing that Josh could be sucked back into his dark Jamber days. A year ago, Josh was unlikable, often criticised as arrogant, aggressive and selfish. Away from Amber, the character has had a complete transformation into a mature, sensible, caring and pleasant young man. Whilst Amber has remained the same, Josh has come along in leaps and bounds without her. And although we would love Daniel to be a free man in order to date Imogen, we’re hoping that Josh won’t be sacrificed at the altar of Amber and begin to regress as a character. Colour us worried…


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