2015: New Year, New Neighbours Titles!


A new year, a new look for Neighbours in its 30th anniversary year. Whilst the new rendition of the theme song may not be the most exciting in the show’s history, we were delighted that they retained the ‘with a little understanding, you can find the perfect blend’ lyric that had been MIA for some time until its belated but welcome return in 2013. Not only that but the mellow, relaxing tone is a welcome change from the frantic, caterwauling of the theme it is replacing. The titles themselves are one of the show’s strongest ever in our opinion. Sleek, glossy and modern, the show has returned the more stylistic ‘every day’ feeling last seen in the much-loved 2003 titles. Gone are the OTT reactions and the somewhat contrived street party (which the Cannings promptly avoided and instead had a private affair in their back garden) and in their place, is a refreshingly simple and gimmick-free set-up. Hopefully dropping the ‘grouped by household’ theme means that future updates will be easier and more professional in appearance.
The new logo replaces the nice but faceless one introduced in 2007 when the classic brushscript original was controversially axed. In our opinion, as sad as it was to lose a piece of Neighbours history, the look did need to be freshened. The new logo is reminiscent of the show’s original without being a direct copy and we’re left with a new, modern logo that is both unique but a lovely callback to the show’s history in this milestone year. We hope the new logo becomes a staple and stays with us for years to come.
All in all, it’s a job well done. The new titles are modern, fresh and lack the cheese of the last set. In the last 30 years, the show has had some opening titles disasters but it’s fantastic to celebrate an anniversary with opening titles worthy of the show’s fantastic quality.

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