Hits And Misses – 17-21 Nov 2014


Part of the Family

er10__0000_Layer-5    Paige is a big favourite with us and every interaction she’s shared with her new extended family has had us glued to the TV. This week it was nice to see Paige meet her granddad Doug for the first time and such a meeting was given the attention it deserved. It’s always nice to see an old character return and it’s realistic ot see Doug return often given his current health. His scenes with Paige were a joy to watch and surprisingly emotional. We got a little misty-eyed as he gave her an ankle bracelet and welcomed her into the Willis family which she’d felt so excluded from. We hope she gets to meet Pam soon!

Courtroom Drama

er10__0001_Layer-4The show provided some great drama this week as Josh’s “coward punch” trial finally took place. Dodgy courtroom aside, we have to admit our happiness at Josh’s sentence. Much as we empathise with Chris, we didn’t want to see poor Josh jailed. We really must praise this entire story for its shades of grey: there were no heroes or villains but rather, one drunken mistake and two victims. It’s provided some fresh material for Chris (although please no more hospital stories) and solidified Josh’s position as a young man truly redeemed. We hope that Josh and Chris are able to put the incident behind them in time and Chris makes a proper recovery.

The Adventures of Alice

er10__0002_Layer-3This week we said goodbye to Alice, Bailey’s brainy and space mad girlfriend. We loved their antagonism from day one and it was even better that through their rivalry they forged a cute relationship. It’s great to see two young ambitious and clever Neighbours characters and Alice’s outlook on life was really refreshing so we were sad to lose her to space camp. Not as upset as Bailey, mind you, who’ll be left friendless and girlfriendless once again with only his telescope for company. Aw. But their goodbye scene (and snog) was a nice way for her to leave the show, making Bailey even more determined to reach Mars but making us wish she could stick around.


Hot and Cold

er10__0003_Layer-2Remember not so long ago when we had three Neighbours couples we loved? Now that Bailey/Alice, Josh/Naomi are no more, the only lingering hope we had was on Paige and Brennan reuniting. Well, Brennan had to go an cruelly dash those hopes this week just as Paige clung to his twinkle-eyed smiles thinking he was still into her. Damn you Mark! We thought he was pretty mean. Sure there’s an age gap and they’ve both been through a lot but with a bit of communication they could be good together. They’re strong willed, got great chemistry and let’s face it – smokin’ hot. If Brennan doesn’t want to lead her on then he should get on with telling her instead of playing hot and cold.

Bad Dad Brad

er10__0004_Layer-1Brad, Brad, Brad. He’s not been in our good books lately for his terribly unsympathetic treatment of Teres and inability to stay away from Lauren for more than a couple of hours but it was his actions leading up to the trial that riled us up this week. Not only could his stupidity have cost Josh his freedom but it could’ve negatively impacted Toadie’s career when Toadie had the decency to represent Josh. Worse still he took advantage of Imogen’s position in Rebecchi Law and potentially jeopardised her own future. Both his kids could have found themselves much worse off due to an action that you wouldn’t expect from a grown man! Brad needs to try hard to win his family, and us, back.


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