Hits and Misses – 10-14 Nov 2014



Poison Pen

er9__0002_Layer-3Our number one this week simply had go to the continuing saga of Sonya’s mysterious poison pen letters which has had us gripped in speculation. Kicking off at the end of episode 7000, Toadie spent the week on the hunt for the culprit along with armchair detective, Brennan. It’s a good old-fashioned soap mystery and has given us all plenty to talk about. Moreover, Toadie telling Sonya the truth and get quietly powerful reaction as she feared all her secrets could be exposed to the public at large was a great moment. We love when Sonya’s past is explored and this is no exception and for our money, the culprit must surely be someone Sonya knew in her drug-fuelled past back for revenge!

The Perfect Marriage

er9__0000_Layer-5Karl and Susan have been on a roll lately with their plots and it was another strong week today. After such brilliant comedy last week, it was great to see some friction between the couple as they disagreed on the best course of action with Nate. Don’t get us wrong, we hate seeing ‘Kusan’ disagreeing but it led to some fantastic scenes as Karl pushed Susan to admit her failings in his bid to protect her from further putting others before herself. In a typical Karl snd Susan style, this was done with honesty between the pair and a great wit even when arguing that puts the pair above all else in the pantheon of soap couples.

Willis History

er9__0001_Layer-4Here at this blog we’re a sucker for continuity references and this week it was the turn of Terese to spill more info about her past with Brad – and finally reveal what she meant when she once referred to Brad and Beth’s messy break-up. For weeks now it has been clear that Terese has had a real stumbling block on her road to forgiveness and it was interesting to see it confirmed that she was once the other woman in Brad’s first marriage. It was a twist that made sense of all of Terese’s recent actions and we couldn’t help but feel sorry for her. We can only hope the Willis marriage pulls through but it continues to look like it won’t be that easy.


Oncoming Rain Storm

er9__0004_Layer-2Daniel’s ex arrived this week, the infamous Rain. We soon learnt more about her past with Daniel as she gushed about living in a commune with him and wandered the fields dressed as an extra from Xena: Warrior Princess looking for a new place to build a hippie community (please god no). Not only was her enchantment with Amber a bit creepy but we just found her plain weird and irritating. Her only saving grace is that we sense she’s going to become a bit of a crazy villain. We loved Georgia’s evil cousin Gem so we hope Rain will turn out to be just as good.

Bratty Behaviour

er9__0003_Layer-1Every week we hold out hope for Amber doing something that will change our opinion of her, but – sigh – it didn’t happen this week. She insisted on revising in the kitchen and bitched about the noise levels when no sane person would revise in a busy family room and then when Paige accidentally punched her, she didn’t recognise it for the error it was – she tried yet again to get her family to take sides. Not on. Our only moment of sympathy this week was having to deal with Daniel’s ex and his complete lack of understand. Come on Amber, it’s about time you grew up.


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