Hits and Misses – 3-7 Nov 2014



The 7000th Episode

er8__0003_Background-copyOur number one spot this week simply had to go to the wonderful, low-key celebration that was the  7000th episode. Now, don’t get us wrong, we half-expected such a milestone to be celebrated like the 5000th and 6000th episodes before it, with dramatic twists and action. However, not long after the tornado and with a season finale and 30th anniversary year ahead, a smaller celebration was a perfect way to mark the achievement. And what an episode it was. Neighbours channeled its roots and delivered a hilarious episode with old-school comedy that had us grinning from ear to ear. The saga of Karl’s scratch card won’t soon be forgotten and nor will Toadie and Sonya’s naturist lunch. To cap it all off, the mysterious letter about Sonya should kickstart a new and exciting whodunnit in the episode’s closing moments. Here’s to 7000 more!

We Love Imogen

Ier8__0001_Layer-3mogen Willis is one of our favourites by far. She’s got a strong-minded personality as well as a sensible and intelligent head on her shoulders. This week saw the caring and thoughtful sides of Imogen come to the fore as she tried to support and look after her brother Josh, putting his case ahead of her own studies and health. It’s not that we ever forgot how much we liked her but this really showed her back to her best, when the crush on Brennan and Amber cheating saga had made her sharper and nastier than before. Imogen is such a well rounded character but we were glad to see her more sensitive vulnerable side this week.


er8__0002_Layer-2Back briefly with a swish new hairdo and new clothes was everyone’s favourite mechanic Danni Ferguson. Although she was only ever a guest character we really liked her time on Neighbours and she gave Sonya, Mark and Chris another friend to interact with. We’ve always liked Danni’s personality and she had an interesting backstory with her abusive ex so we could easily see her fitting straight back into Ramsay Street. We think the garage needs her too – not just to break up that testosterone cave – because Brennan is off solving crimes and Chris is struggling, but even if she just makes fleeting visits we’d be happy to see her.


Suffering in Silence

er8__0000_Layer-4We’re huge fans of Susan on this blog and Nate has been growing on us by the week but the latest plot developments have us worried for both. It’s fantastic to see the show tackle PTSD in such a harrowing manner – some of Nate’s stories have been powerful indeed. However, his over reliance on Susan is putting the world’s favourite agony aunt into an impossible position. It’s sad to see Susan suffer in silence (by the way, Karl getting blown up truly shocked us) and we hope the plot moves so that Nate can deal with his demons and Susan isn’t burdened with being his only form of support.

Hippie and the Tramp

er8__0004_Layer-1Every week we try and give Daniel and Amber a chance. Honestly. He is the child of Neighbours’ legends Scott and Charlene and Amber is his chosen love, so we recognise that they’re key players. However, we find them infuriatingly unlikeable. At this point it’s difficult to think of one positive thing to say. Daniel’s work shy and sickeningly positive to the point of immaturity and Amber’s sulky and selfish personality just makes her seem like a brat. We can’t believe these two, who have been living out of a car, can believe they’re mature enough to get married!


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