Hits and Misses – 27-31 Oct 2014



Finding the Perfect Blend

er7__0001_Layer-4It’s no secret that Neighbours works best when there’s a great mix of drama and comedy – but of late it’s fair to say the drama in the aftermath of the coward punch has been predominant. This is no bad thing at all but it was great to see the show’s comic side return in force this week. The Book of Secrets continues to be one of the funniest comic storylines in years and we have to praise the show on humour that refrains from being silly but is true to character and genuinely laugh out loud funny. It feels like the show has once again found the perfect blend.

Matt’s Softer Side

er7__0000_Layer-5Matt is often accused of being strict and frankly a bit of a bore but we saw a new light to him this week where he bonded with Paige and her terrible baking attempts. She needed a friendly ear after feeling completely out of place and the comfort came unexpectedly from Matt. We liked that his change of heart came from a good place and it wasn’t an overnight transformation. It just seemed natural and his speech about family made us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Aw.

Lusty Lou and Layla

er7__0002_Layer-3Praising the fantastic Book of Secrets plot isn’t enough this week, we have to specify the hilarity of Lou and Layla. It’s been many, many years since the character of Lou has had so much to do and 2014 has truly been his year. He’s playing a key role in family events as well as providing some great comedy. He’s really met his match in the rather unique Layla and we cringed in embarrassment as they attempted to act out ‘a night with Constantine.’ We can only hope Layla is ready and waiting to pounce with Lou returns.


After School Special

er7__0003_Layer-2Despite initial reservations we’ve had high praise for the Chris/Josh coward punch story but this week took a turn into ‘after-school special’ territory and it verged on being educational and patronising without the entertainment. We can’t deny that the performances were great but it all got a little earnest and preachy for our tastes. The talk at the school seemed to hammer home the issues in a clunky way – not to mention there were more adults in the audience than kids. And please don’t get us started on how Chris and Josh both agreed what a wonderful and compassionate person Amber was saving the day and bringing them together – all because she opened a packet of sugar. Talk about sickly.

Bad Boyfriend

er7__0004_Layer-1Brennan, Brennan, Brennan. It’s not been a good fortnight for Erinsborough’s resident ‘have-a-go-hero’ with his need to involve himself in every crime related story becoming rather annoying but it’s his treatment of Paige that riled us up this week. For a couple with such potential, it’s slowly being destroyed by how wet and bland Brennan has become. Accepting Paige’s break-up with him without even trying to fight for her says it all! We think Paige is better off until Brennan proves he deserves her.


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