Hits and Misses – 20-24 Oct 2014



Mr & Mrs Canning


Who doesn’t love a good Neighbours wedding? It was lovely to see Georgia and Kyle finally tie the knot and defying soap tradition there weren’t any disasters! Yay! Georgia looked beautiful and so did the venue, Chris managed to fulfil his duties as Best Man and Bossy did the ring duty. As it should have been, the Canning wedding was full of love and humour and we very much enjoyed the next day’s capers where Georgia and Kyle tried to consumate their marriage and kept getting interupted, especially by Kyle’s gran Sheila. We hope they keep up these fun plots for them!

Nell: Star of the Show
er6__0004_BackgroundNell, Nell, Nell. Where do we begin? TV soap babies are that rare breed of character – most times they are little-seen burden around the neck of a character that no one truly pays any attention to until they’re of a speaking age, but sometimes, you strike gold. Nell is one such case: cute as a button, funny, a great chemistry onscreen with her “parents” and a pleasure to watch. This week’s highlights involved her comic mastering of Toadie’s iPad and then making poor Mal realise that kids can be hard work as she tested his patience. Even when driving an expecting first-time father to drink, you gotta love little Nell.

Sharon Canning
er6__0001_Layer-3One of the biggest highlights this week was the long-awaited Kyle and Georgia wedding and in particular, the first it gave us of their parents. While Georgia’s seem pleasant enough, the real highlight was Sharon Canning. Fiery, loud and brash, she reminded us of this kind of bogan charm once brought by Janelle Timmins. Her flirtation with Brennan was hilarious, as was her war of words with Sheila and interaction with her “Kylie.” As the episode ended, we couldn’t help but wish she had succeeded in seducing Matt and rally set the cat among the pigeons in the Turner marriage. We’re hoping that with such a strong introduction and reason to return, we’ll see her again sooner than later.


Missing Fun Factor
er6__0000_Layer-4Now, don’t get us wrong, we’ve been fans of Brennan lately. After the angst of Kate’s death, Paige brought out a whole new, watchable side of him that was charming and funny. So it’s a shame this week to see Brennan of old intrude in the plot between Paul and Dakota and drag it down. Stefan Dennis and Sheree Murphy really give it their all but Brennan’s monotonous investigation sucked the fun out of what could’ve been a very good plot. We’re saying no to po-faced Brennan and hope he isn’t here to stay.

Disliking Daniel
er6__0003_Layer-1Oh dear. It was not a good week for Daniel. First he was a perfect target for Dakota’s schemes as he might just be the drippiest, dopiest resident on Ramsay Street (he makes Kyle look like Einstein!). Then he really goes and makes himself seem even more unlikeable when he kicks sad-puppy-faced Josh when he’s down. Not content with stealing his girlfriend and rubbing his nose in it, Daniel revealed that he’d bought Josh’s medals. He didn’t want them, oh no, but he didn’t want Josh to sell them on either. Sure it might have been a nice gesture to give them back, but it just felt a bit smug – like another thing he has to hold over Josh. On the positive side, he’s a lot more bearable in scenes with Paige and Imogen so there might be hope for him yet…maybe.


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