Scene of the Week – 13-17 Oct 2014

sceneof theweek
Selecting a scene of the week easing easy but in such a momentous week of the Kennedys, we simply had to award them for the touching scene at the end of Friday’s episode. Surrounded by the mainstays of the show and their eldest son, the Kennedys toasted to their twenty years in Ramsay street. Touching, effective and with just the right amount of cheese, it was a fitting tribute to the good friends and good Neighbours that Karl and Susan are. As the camera panned to the iconic portrait with the three beloved Kennedy children (keep Libby and Mal full-time please!) and finally to the wall of signatures, we were reminded of the multitude of characters who found their ways into the hearts of Karl, Susan and the viewers over the past twenty years. Some memorable (Stingray, Rachel, Zeke) some half forgotten (Sunny, Elly, Taj) but all of them playing a role in the legacy of Karl and Susan. A great scene, a great extended family.


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