Hits and Misses – 13-17 Oct 2014



Twenty Years of The Kennedys


There really only was one possible winner for the top spot this week and it had to be Friday’s anniversary episode for the Kennedys. It’s so rare in this modern era of soap that we receive an episode so celebratory, so lovingly made and performed – and a true treat for fans of the show who have followed the laughs and the tears with the Kennedys. Whether you’ve been watching five years or fifteen, it was a wonderful trip down memory land filled to the brim with memorable characters and clips. Touching and emotional, I’m sure we weren’t the only ones who got a tear in their eyes. Neighbours, we salute you on such a great achievement and here’s to another twenty with Erinsborough’s most beloved family.

Wedding Mayhem

er5__0001_Layer-3Kyle and Georgia work best in comedy storylines and in the run up to their wedding they’ve been at their best. Kyle’s horror-struck panic about seeing her in her dress and the bad luck associated (with Sheila’s tales of family wedding nightmares) was a really funny moment. Perhaps the best scene of them this week was losing the ring in Lassiter’s Lake, causing Kyle to get his scuba diving gear on – finding endless Right Perscription CDs was a hilarious touch! The week ended with Georgia waking up on the morning of her wedding wrecked from a night spent partying with the infamous Honga. Can’t wait to see what happens with the wedding!

See Ya Soon Naomi

er5__0004_BackgroundEven though we knew Naomi was heading off for a break on-screen since actress Morgana O’Reilly did the Edinburgh Fringe, we really hated seeing her leave. In some ways we think it’ll be good – hopefully she can move on from Toadie – but Nomes is one of our favourite characters and we’ll miss her so much! The goodbye scene with Sheila was incredibly touching and it’s nice to see that mother and daughter have put the past behind them. We even got a little teary over their sentiments (it was an emotional week on Ramsay Street). We couldn’t help but wish Sheila would buy us a spontaneous trip to Hawaii too!


Making Matt the Bad Guy

er5__0000_Layer-4 In the continuing struggles of the Willis and Turner marriages in the aftermath of Paige’s arrival and the fallout of Lauren and Brad’s kiss, we’ve been firmly on the side of poor Terese and Matt. Whilst we’ve been open about our love of Terese, it’s time to praise Matt for his handling of the latest Turner dramas. We couldn’t help but smile as he took a few jabs at Lauren’s deception during the awkward family dinner but what we can’t believe is the fact that he’s the only one calling Amber and Daniel out on their latest immature decision. Lauren bowed to Amber’s every whim and made Matt look like the bad guy. Matt’s no-nonsense attempts to make her learn the hard way should have been commended not criticised – even level-headed Lou sided against him. It’s a shame he gets zero respect from his family but hopefully they’ll begin to learn that he’s a pretty damn good husband and father.

Free Hugs

er5__0003_Layer-1Daniel’s quest to become most irritating person in Erinsborough is succeeding. We’ve already pledged our support for Danogen (that’s Daniel and Imogen) but even she didn’t come out of the hippie Free Hugs plot well. Considering Lassiters has been the scene of a number of crimes we can’t believe there’s no CCTV, and Paul increasing security was a good thing – for once he wasn’t the bad guy! Sure it was a shame that the revegetation cuts had to be made but he’s the mayor – tough decisions are his job. Deciding that the way to solve this problem and reduce the need for security was through love, Daniel started offering free hugs. It wasn’t cute or convincing. Would Kate’s or Chris’s attackers have been saved with more hugging? Nope. Daniel needs to wise up.


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