Hits and Misses – 6-10 Oct 2014



Glam Gatsby Gatherings

er4__0001_BackgroundThe Bucks and Hens parties this week were a lot of fun to watch. We loved that it involved so many of the Ramsay Street residents and they all looked stunning in their costumes. We’d have loved to gone to the Hen Party as it seemed a bit more fun than the Bucks! We loved Terese glaring across the room at Naomi and begrudingly making up with Lauren too. Another great aspect to the parties were the way they incorporated so many different plots – like the Danber engagement, the Willis/Turner issues – and had them bubbling away with tension. We could have easily watched more of Sonya and Sheila’s flapper dancing!

Tough Terese

er4__0000_Layer-3Now, our love of Terese is known on this site but this week more than any other we had to single her out as one of the show’s stronest characters and perhaps the next legend in the making. Terese stands above many of the other Neighbours’ mums of the past by being much more unique. Fiercely protective of her family and their public image, to the point of open hostility to any and all perceived threats, Terese wants nothing more than to preserve the “perfect family” that the Willses were introduced as. It’s a credit to the show’s writing that while we may sometimes disagree with Terese’s actions, we always understand them. And the character remains human, always second guessing or regretting her more decisive and hurtful actions. Rebekah Elmaloglou plays the character to perfection and we salute Terese, the rash, at times selfish but ever loving and loveable mum.

Josh’s Journey

er4__0000_Layer-2While Chris was the real victim this week, we couldn’t help but feel for Josh. He had a crappy start to the week with Naomi finishing with him (we were gutted to see the end of the Jomi affair! Boo!) and finding out Danber were engaged. Things only got worse after he drowned his sorrows, despite being intolerant to alcohol, and ended up punching Chris and hospitalising him. We’ve seen huge changes in Josh’s personality in recent months but this week was an even bigger turning point and by the end of the week he acknowledged how selfish his past behaviour was. Harley Bonner really proved himself this week displaying Josh’s remorse and sadness over his actions but we’re also glad Josh has grown up into a really likeable young guy, something which used to seem impossible in his swimming and Amber centric stories. We hope this positive change sticks.


Patient Pappas

er4__0000_Layer-1 Don’t get us wrong, we like Chris, we really do. However, surely we aren’t the only ones growing tired of Chris’s all-too-frequent trips to hospital? Even in Erinsborough, with its abnormally high accident rate, Chris stands out as one of the show’s most accident prone characters. Karl may as well give him his own bed! Not only that, but it’s because of this we’re a little tired of Chris’s life in seemingly constant danger, that a little of the dramatic impact of the otherwise powerful coward punch story has been lessened. But we like happy-go-lucky Chris so we hope he makes a speedy and permanant recovery and good health for the future.

Detective Brennan

er4__0000_Layer-4Mark Brennan is probably one of the show’s most divise characters. Some worship him, others find him and his tragic romance with Kate overrated in the extreme. We actually quite like him – his romance with Paige has been refreshing and recent comedy has done wonders for him. That’s why we’ve been so disappointed to see him slide back into routine boring investigator territory. It’s not very exciting and doesn’t take advantage of Scott McGregor’s comedic charisma. We hope the recent Nate investigations are mere blipsand Brennan, the charming, happy mechanic stays with us.


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