Hits and Misses – 29 Sep -3 Oct 2014



Toadie’s Ride

er3__0004_BackgroundOne of the funniest plots in Neighbours’ recent history saw Toadie, desperate to have some grown-up time with Sonya, attempt a bike ride to ease up his backside after his coccyx injury. What started as a secret soon had the whole street egging him on to complete the cycle for the sake of his loins. Sonya’s desperation was just as funny, with her dumping Nell with Susan at the first opportunity. The innuendos and the slow-mo bike ride was one of the funniest scenes ever. With their high libidos, the Rebecchis are shaping up to be just like the Kennedys and we love it.

The Blue Box

er3__0002_Layer-2In the build-up to the 20th anniversary of the Kennedy arrival, it’s been great to see a number of brilliant moments in their celebratory year. Apart from the much-loved guest appearances, especially from Libby and Ben, one of the best parts of the year has been a wealth of classic Karl and Susan comedy. The blue box story with Lou was no exception. Full of humour and witty dialogue, it was a hilarious watch and we do always enjoy, and slightly cringe (Susan and Karl are like our parents!) at references to Karl and Susan’s now legendary sex life.

Naomi and Imogen

er3__0003_Layer-1Two of our favourite Erinsborough ladies have teamed up to make an unlikely but fantastic friendship. Naomi has lifted both Willis twins out of their rather fun-free personality slumps and right now she’s exactly the support Imogen needs. While we’re not sure Naomi is the best person to be advising someone about their love life, she’s dealt with heartbreak and the awkwardness of an unrequited crush. Imogen needs someone a bit more world-smart and confident and Naomi gives her someone to talk to. It just works – we hope they stick with it.


Sheila and Alan

er3__0001_Layer-3The end of Sheila and Alan came as a bit of an abrupt after thought this week. Sheila, Paul and Naomi reacted weirdly to the reveal that Alan was bisexual and it came across awkwardly on screen. Sure it was a surprise for all of them but it seemed like that was their issue rather than him still using dating sites, despite being exclusive with Sheila. With all three of them being close to Chris, it seemed like an odd reaction. Maybe Alan wasn’t right for Sheila but seeing happy and flirty Sheila was a joy so we hope we get to see that again sometime soon.

Brad and Lauren

er3__0000_Layer-4Oh Brad and Lauren. Where do we begin? Extremely questionable dancing with Paige aside, this wasn’t a good week for Brad and Lauren, who both need a reality check over their treatment of their spouses. Brad seems physically incapable of avoiding Lauren for more than five seconds before having a run of several full-blown coversations with her, whilst Lauren seems absolutely oblivious to Matt’s obvious hurt. Worse still, both continually acted like victims when they are the ones who kissed and caused the entire situation. Both need to begin behaving better or otherwise they could lose their spouses – but could that be what they subconsciously want?


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