Hits and Misses – 22-26 Sep 2014


Mayor Robinson

er2__0000_Layer-4It was a great week for Paul who is continuing his resurgence as a character. The question of who trashed the nursery may not have been the most gripping of whodunnits but it worked due to some great character interactions and good characterisation. Seeing Paul happily chat with the Rebecchis is refreshing for what was becoming a very tired character and better still, this week showed a very balanced Paul. He’s essentially a good man with a shrewd mind and not above using a situation to his advantage. More of this Paul, please – we hope the new and improved Paul is here to stay!

Refreshing Relationship Recovery

er2__0003_Layer-1It is a soap staple for any young characters involved in a relationship to constantly face a series of ups and downs – it can get boring but that’s the genre. In recent years, Neighbours developed a case of giving characters so many trivial things to fall out over that we no longer root for the couple: step forward Kyle and Georgia, and Amber and…anyone. What was refreshing this week was seeing two couples (Brennan and Paige, and Chris and Nate) face two relationship hurdles but dealing with their issues in a quick and mature manner. We can only hope that these weekly issues don’t become too frequent and until then, we’re happy to see these two couples act like real people and not be at breaking point over simple incidents and misunderstandings.

Young Love

er2__0004_BackgroundGeeky and determined – Bailey and Alice are practically love’s young dream at Erinsborough High. They love space, movie mistakes, Russian biographies and blogging – how could we not love them? Bailey’s wincingly awkward attempts to play hard to get and his crumbling into coy smiles just makes him the most adorable teen right now and Alice is a great match for him. We love her too.



er2__0002_Layer-2Never has Erinsborough been rocked by such a revolutionary plot. Not even the tornado could match the excitement of this week: yarn bombing! Okay, we jest, but really is this anything less exciting than knitting vandals? The Ramsay Street sign was cool for half a second but Erinsborough is not going to benefit from Danber’s wooly efforts. It was more hippie free-expression guff from Daniel and Amber, the only saving grace being Naomi’s derision and Imogen getting a bit dreamy eyed. This was the return of the Imogen we know and love – so this just saved yarn-bombing from the bottom of our list this week.

Medical Moans

er2__0001_Layer-3Oh dear oh dear, where to start with Georgia? Hot on the heels of being oddly endearing in lacking her voice, it was ruined this week when she reverted back to victim mode. Now we know Georgia loves to sing and is understandably gutted but there is nothing more unappealing than seeing a character act victimised (take a bow Amber Turner) so we had little time for whiny Georgia this week. To make matters worse, she lost all our sympathies when she accused all-round miraculous doctor-god Karl Kennedy of helping to cover a case of medical negligence. Maybe Georgia should focus more on her nursing instead of singing…


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