Hits and Misses – 15-19 Sep 2014




tornadoNow, we all know Neighbours doesn’t have a huge budget and their track record for huge stunts may not be fantastic – because of this I think we were all a little unsure when the show announced the intention to do a tornado storyline. And we were wrong. Did the show lack a high budget gloss? Did the show forget to blow Amber away? Yes and yes. But what the show did achieve was fantastic. Some great action packed stunts showcased high quality by any soap standards and we can’t be the only ones taken aback by the amazing destruction to Erinsborough and in particular Ramsay Street. After 29 years, it was shocking to see such a familiar sight in such a state of ruin and had a great impact. Kudos to you, Neighbours.

The Kiss Fallout

laurenWe’ve already praised the Terese and Lauren scene this week but the kiss drama had almost as much devastation as the tornado and we loved it! The Lauren/Brad kiss was a ticking timebomb of a secret and revealed accidentally by an injured and morphined-up Lou to Matt – a nice way to release it rather than it coming from a guilty Lauren. The news trickled through the families in a gripping domino effect and everyone reacted true to their characters. The kids’ responses felt very real and while Matt’s anger was the polar opposite to Terese’s, you really felt the impact when he said if he walked out it would be for good. Terese taking both Brad and Lauren to task were real highlights.

Improving Imogen

imogenWe’ve always been huge fans of Imogen and even when she’s faced a bad patch of writing – giving her a bit of a nastier personality – we’ve clung to our love for her. She’s smart, gutsy and ambitious but she also has a huge heart. As her parents’ marriage took a battering this week and she bonded with Daniel over (the adorable) orphaned wombat Oliver, we saw the Imogen we know and love. We never want her to lose her spark and attitude (she’s Terese’s daughter afterall) but we welcomed a return to her softer more vulnerable self. Hopefully we’ll keep seeing this side of her in the coming weeks.

Paul Robinson is backpaul

We couldn’t resist an extra ‘Hit’ this week when we saw this fantastic scene of Paul getting his groove back. Paul’s return to form is something we’ve looked forward to for a long time now. Telling the grotty youth “It’s Mayor Paul Robinson” was exactly the scene we wanted. Brilliant.


Weak Men

brad We know Brad and Matt are very calm and gentle men. That’s fine. But this week when hell broke out we hoped for something a little more. We wouldn’t want to cross Terese but up against her Brad seemed a little spineless, almost as if she was his mother not his wife. Matt’s reaction – although faithful to his character – just seemed a bit bland. We would have liked to see him snap a little, show us a flash of a raw anger and inject a bit more life into his scenes. His measured responses to all the Brad and Lauren drama sometimes borders on the robotic.

The Engagement

danber2Danber, Danber, Danber. We can’t shake the feeling that this awful pairing is supposed to be loved, that we’re supposed to root for them and will them to be together…despite being incompatible and downright unbearable together. The drama of the week involved Amber acting irrationally over Daniel’s relationship history despite Daniel not caring about the fact she was “in love” with Josh mere moths ago. This was solved by a proposal – rushed and unbelievable and downright silly. They are the single weak spot of the show at the moment.


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