Hits and Misses – 8-12 Sep 2014



It’s All About Chemistry

chemistryNeighbours is really lucky right now to be exploring some natural chemistry in their couplings (Daniel and Amber aside – more on that later). This week we saw Paige and Brennan sizzle with their competitive spirit and (finally) share a fiery kiss mid-storm. We’re also huge Josh and Naomi fans and their flirtation continues to be a great watch and we enjoyed seeing a more romantic side to their hook-up. Then there’s Bailey and his space camp rival Alice who aren’t in a couple stage yet but their sparring is a sparky watch – we love their chemistry!

Ups and Downs of Married Lifetonya

Toadie and Sonya find themselves as one of our highlights this week as their continuing marriage dilemmas make them Neighbours’ most well-written young couple in many years. Fresh from the Naomi incident, it’s great to see that the aftermath is being subtly played out as Sonya struggles to get over her issues of trust. Most heartwarming, however, was seeing the couple deal with it in a mature, reasonable, caring manner and long may their loving marriage continue.

Paige’s Progress

paige2The wonderful Paige yet again finds herself a highlight of the show and it’s become clear that the show has found a star in Olympia Valance. Feisty, fiery and fun, Paige is a joy to watch and this week it was great to see her develop bonds and interact with all her siblings – but also Terese. We’re hoping to see lots more of the pair’s tenuous relationship in the future, as well as many more scenes with Paige’s brothers and sisters – each one unique and developing at their own pace. As well as that, it was great to see the long-awaited relationship with Brennan heat up this week. Paige remains one to watch.


Nate Kinskinate

We still can’t make up our mind on Nate. The idea of a new ‘adoptee’ of the Kennedys has its appeal, as well as having a character with a deep backstory but we’re just unsure that the gruff, monosyllabic troubled guy works for us at the moment. Even though we now know he’s not a serial killer, he’s still less of a haunted man and more creepy! It remains to be seen if his relationship with Chris turns into anything watchable – right now it’s a bit flat and miserable.

Dire Danber

danberBoy, where to begin with ‘Danber’? Daniel took his free-spirited hippie ways even further this week when he suggested Amber and he pack in all their future plans and go travelling. Both of them dropped their work responsibilities to skinny dip and talk nonsense about the beauty of spontaneity. Irritating beyond belief. Like ‘Jamber’ before them, Danber are so self-involved, immature and bratty we just can’t find a single thing we like about them.


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