Hits and Misses – 1-5 Sep 2014



Cat Fight

er__0001_Frame-4No contest, our top spot this week had to go to the rather epic Imogen and Amber cat fight. After weeks of tension, it finally erupted in an all-out brawl and probably rivals Rebecca’s wrestle with Lyn as one of the all-time greatest fights in Neighbours history. Putting aside Imogen’s weird behaviour lately and the all-round annoyance of Amber, we couldn’t help but love seeing Imogen’s bitchy comments provoke Amber into action. Well-directed, funny and surprisingly realistic looking, it was the highlight of the week. For what it’s worth, our money was on Imogen.

Best Frenemies 

er__0004_Frame-1Now, we are big fans of the all-new and improved, humanised Paul on this site and even bigger fans of hilarious Sheila, but we never thought an unlikely friendship would blossom between the two. Nevermind winding up being one of the most believable and watchable bonds the show has had in years! Paul’s character has been crying out for some development and a confidante – and Sheila has proved to be the perfect solution. The pair are hilarious together and it’s great to see them discuss their lives, (lack of) loves, and we hope there is much more to come.

The Story Slam

er__0003_Frame-2Ahh, the Story Slam. I’m sure you readers, much like ourselves, creased at the very mention of such a plot and dreaded the boring cheesefest that was sure to follow – like much of these forced community moments since 2008. Yet, we were proven hilariously wrong. Proof positive that the show has finally found its feet again, the story felt like classic Neighbours of old where these kind of stories are told with a healthy dose of humour. From Susan’s unimpressed reactions to the entrants, Sheila’s barbed quips, and Matt boring everyone, the show turned the story into something fun and watchable. Even if Imogen’s rant seemed to last forever…

Cheer Up Christos

er__0000_Frame-5Now, we love Chris and we’re glad he seems to be getting a decent story with mysterious newbie Nate (although granted, Chris hasn’t had the best track record with boyfriends) but he’s been a bit miserable, moany and over-serious this week. Nate obviously has issues but Chris is best with a smile on his face so we hope this new relationship doesn’t mean endless misery for him – we had enough of that with the dreary Hudson stuff. We’re not counting on much fun at the moment though!

The Smurfette Saga

er__0002_Frame-3The catfight topped our Hits list this week and we enjoyed the Story Slam but jeez, will the Amber and Imogen spat ever end? Imogen has been spoiled by turning her into a bitter brat and Amber continues to be as selfish and unlikeable as ever. It’s endless and petty – we can’t bring ourselves to care either way. Imogen used to be one of our favourites and was the best teen of the bunch but her personality transplant lately has done her no favours. And if this is really all about Daniel then they need to reconsider – is he really worth it? We don’t think so! 


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