Hits and Misses – 18-22 Aug 2014



Thepaige Paige Reveal

The Paige reveal this week resulted in so much tension and climax that it definitely lived up to the hype. We’ve been waiting for these moments for so long and from the scene Kathy found out we were biting our fingernails in anticipation of Lauren and Brad’s discovery. Lauren’s realisation and chase of the bus left us breathless waiting for mother and daughter to reunite and when they finally did we were left with an emotional pay-off too. Already Paige has made a huge impact on the Turner and Willis families and with Terese and Matt remaining suspicious we can’t wait to see what happens next.

Classic Comedytoadie

Neighbours excels at comedy like no other and it’s been no exception this week with all the humour surrounding Toadie’s unfortunate backside injury and the hilarious Book of Secrets plot. We love that show has dared to be a little bit saucier in its innuendo lately! From Toadie’s high fibre diet to the total turn off of Dr Karl being revealed as the erotica writer – there have been so many laugh out loud moments.

lucyThe Return of Lucy Robinson

We are delighted to see fan favourite Lucy Robinson back on the street. She provides some much-needed family for Paul and it’s always great to have another character. Better still, it’s good to see Lucy have have a story of her own after all this time. Lucy would be even higher on our list had more time been devoted to her friendship with Chris. As it is, a fantastic plot for Lucy has got off to a rushed start but we still have high hopes for the future of ‘Chrucy’.


The Weirdness of Daniel

danielSlipping down in our estimations is Daniel Robinson. Despite a good first impression (who didn’t love his inspired first scenes?!) the character has failed to live up to his full potential. We blame this partly on his boring relationship with Amber but also on the writing of the character. The first line between quirky and weird is being crossed and we can only hope the show can quickly rectify the situation. Daniel, and Tim Phillips, are too good to waste.

Self-centred Amber
On paper Amber Turner’s plights this week would seem sympathetic. She’s seemingly amberapologetic about hooking up with Daniel behind Josh’s back but her dad is disappointed in her cheating and her only friends hate her, and her position in the family is under threat with Paige’s revelation. However Amber is just so self-absorbed and unlikeable it’s hard not to – at best – roll our eyes at her attitude, and – at worst – find her completely intolerable. This week, it’s the latter.



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